Top Best 10 Sex Position Service, who will bring Newness to your Sex life

If you are bored with your sex life and want to try something new, then you have come to the right place. The best sex positions escorts service are women’s service which can make this experience even better. Today we will tell you about some such sex positions, each of which has its own different enjoyment. This sex position will not only add hotness and romance to your sex life, but through these best positions of Kamasutra, you will also bring newness to your sex life.

Sex Position

Benefits of Sex Position (hot sex) Position

By the way, sex position has many benefits. But at the moment, know about Orgasm. Because most Indian women do not get an orgasm or extreme pleasure. In this case, Indian men are behind. But this problem can be overcome through your sex position. For this, know about sex positions and their methods.

1- Missionary Sex Position

There is no doubt that when it comes to romantic sex positions, there is a missionary sex position, which is preferred by both men and women. The reason for this is that the contact between the two partners remains in this situation at all times, the best part of this situation is that the two are face to face and can feel each other’s expressions.

Benefits of Missionary Sex Position

 In this position, both partners are facing each other. So sex is done by looking at each other’s feelings and expressions.

 In this position, there is a skin-to-skin touch which also creates a mood for foreplay.

2- 69 (Sex Position 69)

When it comes to the position of sex positions, 69 sex positions are said to be quite hot and preferred positions. But at the same time, 69 sex positions can be very challenging because it becomes a little difficult to keep your body at the right angle and perform. Here are some tips that will help you advance 69 games. By the way, this sex position comes under oral sex.

Benefits of Sex Position 69

 In position 69, the partner can also be stimulated by using the hands with the mouth.
 The way this position starts is called foreplay. Therefore, the couple is saved from the effort of foreplay.

3- Face to Face Position

Many times, men become very tired during sex and this is the reason that their attention is less towards satisfying their female partner. But both are equally satisfied in this position. You can do this by sitting, lying down, standing, kneeling. It is important that both partners have sex with each other face to face.

Benefits of Face to Face Sex Position

 In this position, both can see and understand each other’s sexual reactions.

 Long stocks can be easily placed in face-to-face positions.

4- Doggy Style Sex Position

The doggy position is very comfortable, in this sex position, the woman stays on her hands and knees. In this position, the woman bends on her knees and the male partner stands on his knees and makes a penis entry into the woman’s vagina. In this state, in order to comfort the feet and hands of the female partner, place a cushion thing over there.

Benefits Of Doggy Style Position

 In this style, the penis directly touches the G-spot, which gives more pleasure.

 In this situation, you are able to completely control yourself and your partner.

5-Spooning Sex Position

In this sex position, both partners become very close to each other. In spite of not having a contact in it, one can understand and feel each other, this gives more pleaser. In this position, both partners lie face down on the same side. That is, in which the woman lies on the side and the male partner bends the knees while turning and something lies in the back of the woman in such a way that it penetrates from behind.

Benefits of Spooning Sex Position

 In this position, the man follows the woman and tries to provoke her by caressing him with love.

 Even during pregnancy, this sex position is considered safe.

6- Criss Cross Sex Position

Having sex in this position does not add much weight to the body. In this sex position, the female partner is at the bottom and the men come out from between the legs of the woman to form a scissors-like shape. That is, the male partner sits cross-legged and the woman sits in a man’s lap by wrapping him with hands and feet.

Benefits of Cross Sex Position

 In this position, both partners are in front of each other, so looking at one creates the mood of the other.

 By contacting me in this position, both of you can reach a different level.

7- Standing Sex Position

This sex position is done especially when you are out somewhere, the bedroom is not available and you want to enjoy sex as you get dressed. The female partner should wrap her feet around the mail partner. If you are going to try first-time standing sex, then take the help of the bathroom or kitchen counter.

Benefits of Standing Sex Positions

   This position is quite comfortable because the male partner shares the female partner with the wall, which makes it easier to have sex.

 In this position, the female partner experiences different sex.

8- Folded deck position

This position is for those who do not enjoy sex as a daily routine, and their purpose is to fully satisfy the partner on the bed. In this, the man lifts his knees and feet slightly and some weight of his chest and body comes on the woman.

Benefits Of Folded Deck Position

  This position consists of deep penetration which enhances the organism.

  The sex power of the male partner is fully revealed in this position. This is the position from which he can make his female partner completely his fan during sex.

9-Cowgirl Sex Position

This position is very much liked by women. As its name itself suggests, the cowgirl means that the woman has all the control in it and she decides how fast the Penis enters Vagina. In position, the male partner likes the back more than the woman’s boobies.

Benefits of Cowgirl Sex Position

  If the weight of a male partner is more, then this position is best for women.

  In this position, women easily provoke their mail partners through foreplay.